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Asharath Demon Hunter

Chapter 1


Earth 25 AKA Madina Present Day NYC.




Created by the Gods and marked by lightning. Given strength and power beyond that of any mortal man! Asharath: Demon Hunter.


“I felt the electric tingle rise up my spine, just like the first time, over a thousand years ago. It was a sign. Communication from the gods that a demon was present in New York City. My mission and purpose. The very reason for my existence. The hunt called to me once more…and I lived for it.” Ash said to himself as he surveyed the New York City streets with his blue grey eyes, eyes that struck fear into the hearts of demons below him as he was crouching on the Chrysler Building’s eagle gargoyle. His muscular arms and legs holding his weight on the gargoyle’s ledge, his broad chest bearing his lightning mark, he stroked his neatly trimmed brown goatee watching the cars pass by. His long black leather coat billowing in the wind as if it had a mind of its own. After wearing it for sixty years, Ash didn’t really even feel it anymore. It was like his own skin by now infused with his magic. He ran a hand over his fuzzy, short, crew cut brown hair.




The Demon Hunter Asharath dodged as the demon lashed out with tail once more, after fighting a secret war against the Kura demons Asharath knew how to handle them. They all attacked the same way every time frankly it was getting old.

The Kura demons looked like a six foot dog spikes running its back, glowing red yes, razor sharp teeth and claws with putrid green skin and it spit acid. A power weapon he always had to make sure to avoid but easily done after fighting them for one thousand years.


The demon straight from hell created by Malicore progenitor of all demons lashed out at him again but this time as it attacked the Demon Hunter brought down his katana infusing it with his lightning and the threatening arm fell harmlessly away.

The creature howled in agony, Asharath waited for the next attack which came in the next instant using the swiping limb as a springboard Asharath brought his katana down in a killing blow thrusting his sword through the demon’s head and as it turned to dust Asharath simply rolled away as it was sent back to Hell.


They were pack animals the packs usually consisted of three or more but lately Asharath had seen packs up to six he didn’t know why there were bigger packs something had changed and Asharath or Ash to his friends didn’t like it. Not one bit after one thousand years something was different. It didn’t matter his mission was clear hunt them down and kill them all. One, three, six it didn’t matter how large the demon packs were he would send them all back to Hell.


The second demon roared and spat acid at him which he deflected with his katana and lunged away at swiped at him with its razor sharp talons. When the monster slashed at him again Asharath sliced with his sword taking the whole arm off.


The demon’s cry pierced Central Park sending pain down Ash’s ears. As the demon went to bite at him he jumped on top of it landing on its back. “Creature of purest evil I send you back to Hell!” Ash said as he cut the creature’s tail off it howled again as its tail fell to the ground. Then Asharath ran up to its head and reached under the monster’s throat and cut it from ear to ear turning it into dust.


Central Park was one of Ash’s favorite place but at the moment he was a little busy, lucky for him it was pretty late at night and there was no one around to witness the fight between a man and three Kura demons. Of course Kura demons can only be seen right before they attack unless you are The Demon Hunter he could see them even when they’re invisible. Being created by the Gods had its perks.


These attacks were getting more and more frequent and some were even in broad daylight. This was the sixteenth attack in the last month. There was an attack almost every day now and Ash wanted to know what causing them to be so bold. Ash didn’t have time to think about that now as the third Kura screamed and attacked him chomping in his direction and then lashing at him with tail.

Ash did a handspring to avoid the tail. “Alright enough!” Ash said his voice reverberating throughout the park and then with his left hand he reached back and gathered his lightning summoning it through his body and then he released the energy blast straight at the demon.

The monster screamed in agony as it was enveloped in the lightning blast its body turning to dust. Once the demon was gone Ash sheathed his sword and walked away only slightly out of breath.

“Good job Asharath that’s another pack you’ve slain.” Ryu, his brother-in-law’s voice came to him through his black Cicret smartphone wristband. His Japanese Accent completely gone by now. His friends called him Ash and Ryu was his brother and his friend and his tech guru, the guy could do wonders with technology Ash wasn’t sure how he did it, he was just grateful he did. Ryu was the one that had programmed the cloak function into his Cicret bracelet and it made life easier not having to worry about being stopped on the street and asked why he was carrying a sword around all the time.


“You know after a century of being family you can call me Ash.” He said as he got into his black 2015 Jeep Grand Cherokee.

“Old habits die hard Asha…, I mean Ash.” Ryu said.

“I’m on my way home. I’ll be there in ten.” The Demon Hunter said.

“Right Ash. Shower?” Ryu asked even though he already knew the answer.

“Shower they spat acid at me Ryu.” Ash said getting into his jeep.

“Did any getting on you Ash?” Ryu asked concern in his voice.

“No I deflected it with my sword but still.” Asharath said.

“Yeah what’s going on these creatures lately?” Ryu asked.

“I don’t know but it can’t be good. I will be home shortly.” I told Ryu.


“I will see you then.” Ryu said.


Asharath got into his jeep and then drove back to his home in Midtown it was about a 5 minute drive at this time of night.


Zachariah Malicore’s second in command slammed his fist as The Demon Hunter killed three more of his demons.

“Damn you Asharath! You’ve killed three more of my Master’s Demons! You will pay Asharath swear it by all the powers of darkness! You Will Pay!” Zachariah bellowed for all to hear.


Chapter 2



The High Heavens Beyond Space and Time.


For eons Jace God of Lightning, fire, and passion and his wife Malita Goddess of love, light and hope, ruled over all they had created with kindness, wisdom, justice, and fairness.

They had created man and together they had created dragons to guide them and teach them. Starting with Elias the First and king of dragons. Jace gave them strength, power, knowledge, and wisdom to guide the humans on Earth. The dragons themselves created the dragon Council and the Seers Council as only three dragons could see the future. These three were Anastasia Rowena, Luscious Andreas, Gabriel Hardgrave.


Then came a day unlike any other. The gates of the High Heavens were thrown open, the guards at the doors were killed in an instant one by Malicore and one by Zachariah his Second-In -Command. Malicore cut the guard down with his sword the metal looked like black fire and Zachariah grabbed the man in a devastating headlock and then snapped his neck twisting it into an awkward position.  Zachariah loved to feel the life drain from his victims. Malicore had was more brutal he preferred to cut his victims down, he too relished in the kill. Malicore had changed into his human form but even that was terrifying. He stood 6’5 had short black hair, well-muscled arms, intense blue eyes a goatee, and he wore a burgundy and black French velvet jacket, with black dress pants and dress shoes and an aura of black shadow surrounding him.

On his back was a tattoo of his true demon form. A massive, faceless demon with a bald head, huge wings and long arms.

His in his true form he didn’t need legs he moved in the shadows. He and Zachariah struck down all that stood in their way. Malicore held his sword scanning the Heavens with his intense blue eyes.

“Malicore! How dare you violate the sanctity of the Heavens you were forever banished!” Jace said as he saw Malicore holding his black flaming sword.

Malita began to run but she was caught in the huge arms of Zachariah. He held her still.

“The High Heavens are mine now Jace, you and your bitch banished me, it took me three thousand years but I was finally able to break down your gates. “Now I shall rule man kind and create more creatures in my image!” His evil laughter filling the heavens like roiling thunder.

“I’ll never allow you to rule over my people Malicore! I am their creator!” Jace said as he summoned his lightning in one hand and fire in the other.

“Take one more step and I’ll have Zachariah kill Malita.” Malicore said tossing his sword to him.

Zachariah didn’t like to use a blade but he liked the look of pure terror on Malita’s pretty face when he placed it under her throat.

“Submit to me Jace and I’ll let her live.” Malicore said, lies in his every word.

“I don’t believe you Malicore, you’re the father of lies.” Jace said hate and anger in his voice.

Malicore walked up to him and put his hand on Jace’s chest, his body froze instantly the shadows filling him with poison corrupting him. Jace’s eyes filled with shock and anger as he saw Zachariah draw the blade and then run his wife through all the way to the hilt. “Jace!” She screamed as she was impaled on the sword, she coughed and spat blood as Zachariah kicked her off the blade leaving a boot print in her back.

“Malita! You vile fiend I’ll…” He trailed off he was hit with excruciating pain.

“You’ll do what Jace? Die. Yes you will but I’ll let you hold your wife one final time.” Malicore said releasing Jace. He crawled over to his wife he held her long black hair and looked into her pretty eyes.

“Jace? Jace? Where are you? I can’t see.” Malita called out to him. He took her hand. “I’m here my love I’m right here.”

“We have to do something they can’t fight Malicore and Zachariah they’re too strong now.” She said.

“You’re right they need a champion, a protector of good. Someone that will fight the demons in all their forms. They both reached out their hands and took some clouds and formed it into a man. Jace switched hands with his wife and then spoke “I give you breath my champion! Asharath Demon Hunter, come forth and fight!”

He hit the man hard making him flesh and blood but more than that for he was born of clouds and lightning and on his chest was a red and blue fork of lightning that spanned the entire breadth of his chest. This signified that he was an immortal and a champion for all to know and see and trust. It also gave him the knowledge to fight, as Jace had fought for eons.


Asharath looked over at the man and woman that created him then looked at Malicore and Zachariah.

Malita fell into nothingness and was gone forever. But Jace who had been poisoned held on a bit longer.

“Who’s this now?” Malicore asked rhetorically “No matter you’ll soon be dead too.”

“I am Asharath. Demon Hunter.” He said to the demon Zachariah moved but Asharath ducked and punched Zachariah hard using his lightning to send a devastating to blow to the blond demon with the huge muscles and his true demon form on his chest to the ground.

Malicore raised his black sword and twirled it. Jace watched, the poison flowing through him.

“Asharath!” He screamed. Malicore sliced in the air as Asharath ducked under the blade he spun and flipped and did hand – springs as Malicore tried to kill him he made it over to Jace. Malicore tried to attack again but when Malicore went to strike him again Asharath blasted him twenty feet with a huge bolt of lightning with both hands. Then he spun and blasted Zachariah and Malicore together at the same time sending them back to the Nether Realm from whence they came forever banished from The High Heavens this time for all eternity.

“Father don’t leave me! I need you there’s so much I don’t understand.” Asharath said holding Jace.

“Listen my son.” Jace’s breathing laboured, his voice becoming strained with the effort. “Your heart you must always protect it, you can only die if your heart is cut from your chest. I have given you divine lightning you can harness it, create it, and control it but you must never use it all or you will be too weak and the humans will be able to kill you. Your lightning also only effects demons it’s designed to kill them. You shouldn’t use more than twenty percent on a daily basis. Do you understand my son?”

“No not really father.” Asharath said holding his father in his arms.

“Experience will teach you my son, you must learn for yourself, who you are and what you can do but you must remember your duty.” Jace took another ragged breath trying to hold on for a little longer.

“I will remember father.” Asharath said tears still streaming down his face.

“You must seek out The Dragon Council in Scotland they will guide you. Learn from them. You are their Champion and the people’s champion. Seek out Anastasia Rowena for she is a lightning dragon so you will be drawn to her and if you get hurt she will be the one you must go to for healing. She will be your friend and companion.”

“I don’t know where that is father.” Asharath said to him confused.

“You will learn. Always remember it’s your duty to protect the weak and defend the innocent and fight the demons in all their forms.” Jace said to him.

“I will father I swear it!” Asharath said, tears streaking his face.

“No tears my son, you have your duty, now you must go.” Jace said.

“I don’t want to leave you father.” The Demon Hunter pleaded with Jace not to go.


“I will always be with you my son. Now go!”Jace said and he struck him with a devastating blow and suddenly Asharath was falling, how far and how fast he didn’t know but soon he was enveloped in a bolt of lightning and was streaking towards the ground. The Demon Hunter hit it hard leaving a crater and a thunderclap in his wake and suddenly he felt very much alone.


He pulled up to his house in Midtown New York and got out and locked his Jeep and then entered. “Ryu I’m home.” Asharath announced. Ryu came out of their office and then bowed low in the traditional Japanese manner. “Did you have a nice workout Ash?”

“It was alright same old, same old but these ones did seem different, more aggressive like they didn’t give a damn about being out in the open anymore.”

“Very strange.” Ryu said walking back to the office.

“Yes I’m going to take a shower.” Ash said heading for the stairs.

“I will be in the office and then I will prepare some food for you.” Ryu said.

“Thanks Ryu.” He said to him.

Ryu went back the office, on the wall were sixteen monitors, thirteen of them had pictures of the Kura demons on the other two was the police website with a list of all the random attacks that have been happening lately and on the other a map of NYC with the locations of the attacks.

Ash went upstairs and stripped out of his clothes and then turned the shower on and stood under the hot water, it felt good on his skin. Why were there so many attacks lately? What causing them to be more ferocious? Why were they killing so many more people than usual?” Ash thought to himself under the water he just couldn’t figure it out.


Asharath turned off the water and got out and dried off he put on a black tank top, jeans and his favorite grey hoodie then went downstairs to their office and looked at the monitors.


“I’m sure all these attacks are driving the police crazy.” He said to Ryu.

“I’m sure they are.” He Replied.

“Not being able to find a motive behind all these murders but Kura demons don’t need a motive they attack anything that moves without thought or hesitation, you move, you die.” Ash said to himself really Ryu already knew that.

“It seems quiet I’m going to bed wake me if anything happens.” Ash said heading for the stairs to his room.


Chapter 3


Ash’s phone rang he pushed the talk button on his wristband as he never took it off.

“What? You better have a damn good reason for calling at me at seven am.” He said his voice terse not knowing who it was or why they were calling at this ungodly hour. Ash didn’t like mornings or like being called before having his first cup of coffee.

“Ash, it’s Grant. You need to get down to Central Park ASAP there’s been two more murders this morning.” The detective’s voice came through to Ash it sounded stressed and full of concern.

“Damn it. I’ll be there in ten Grant.” He said to him getting out of bed and getting dressed quickly.

“I’ll try to stall these reporters but I’m not sure I can hold them off that long.” Grant said to the Demon Hunter.

“I’ll be there soon Grant just be vague, you’re good at that.” Ash said hitting the end call button on his wrist.

“Ryu” Ash called.

“Another demon attack I know. Coffee.” Ryu said handing him a travel mug.

“What would I do without you bro?” Ash asked rhetorically.

“Turn to dust like the demons you fight without your coffee fix and be a grumpy SOB.” Ryu said.

“Hey, but yeah probably.” Ash agreed he was grumpy in the morning without his coffee even though he wasn’t human he loved coffee just as much as they did.


“I’m heading to Central Park. “I know but I got the alert too late to do anything about it. So sad a young boy and young girl.”

“You want to come with me?” Ash asked but had a feeling he already knew the answer he would get.


Ryu shook his head. “I will stay here and monitor the Kura’s movements and let you know if any come into the area. I’m also working on something.” He said to his brother-in-law, He liked to sit in the office and build gadgets that suited their needs.

Ash nodded. “Alright I can always count on you to watch my back.”

“Don’t forget I have class later and you’re supposed to teach the one on Thursday.” Ryu reminded him.

“Right I did forget with all the demon attacks lately.” Ash said it had slipped his mind.

“I called Rick just in case you weren’t able to make it.” Ryu informed him.

“Good thinking.” Ash said with a nod.

“You should go Ash.” Ryu said ushering him out the door.

Ash headed out the door and jumped into his jeep. It was a quick drive from Midtown to Central Park. Ash turned off his jeep and climbed out locking it. With a gentle touch to the door panel anyone that tried to touch it but him would get a bit of a nasty shock.


The Demon Hunter went over to where he saw all the police officers were gathered standing over two bodies, a young boy and a young girl maybe both ten years old. What was left of them anyway, an arm here a leg there a head over by a tree, pools of blood. Not a very pretty picture Kura demons didn’t clean up after themselves.

Kura demons were nasty and very hard to kill and fast. You can’t out run them even if you could see them which by the time you see them you’re dead anyway. As Ash got closer he started to see reporters were lining up outside of the police tape.

“Detective Marshal any idea who did this?”

“Will there be more killings?”

“Is it a serial killer?” The reporters were like vultures relentless and Merciless. Ash was glad he never had to deal with the reporters himself he didn’t think he could be a cop and have to put up with them regularly, always spouting theories that were just conjecture and making a bad situation worse than it already was. Leave it to damn reporters to spread fear and make people panic.


With his katana securely sheathed to his waist it was cloaked but it still had weight. Ash walked over to the police line.

“Sorry sir you have to stay behind the Police line.” A patrolman said.

Ash simply took a deep breath, he didn’t blast this young officer for not knowing who he was. Ash could fry him with one finger but that would be bad the kid was just doing his job.

“Detective Marshall.” The Demon Hunter waved to him. He turned and looked at Ash. Grant Marshall stood 6’2, had curly brown hair, blue eyes wearing a beige three piece suit, his badge hooked to his front pocket, and carried a nine milometer Beretta as was standard for all NYPD First Grade Detectives.


He walked towards Asharath as he was standing behind the police line and talked to the officer standing on the other side. “He’s okay Patrolman let him through.”

The officer lifted up the police tape for him and he ducked underneath it.

“I’m glad you’re here Ash it’s getting worse.” The Detective said to him as they walked over to what was left of the girl.

The Demon Hunter scanned the area reaching out with his lightning.

“Was it a…”

“Kura demon? No question.” Ash told him, his lightning giving him pictures of how the Kura demon attacked the children in thirty seconds. “Fuck I barely believe there are demons myself, how do I explain this to the press?” Grant asked him.

“Say it was an animal attack that’s not too far from the truth, Kura’s are animals, of a kind.” Asharath told him.

“This is the sixteenth attack this month and they’re getting more frequent. If I was a betting man I’d say something big is going to happen soon.” Grant said looking unhappy.

He had the right to be he was on the right track something was going to happen, what Asharath wasn’t sure but of course he would be there to stop it.

“Ash, three Kura’s are approaching your position get the detective out of there!” Ryu’s voice came out of the earpiece.

“Damn! You have to go now!” Ash said to his friend.

“What do you mean?” Grant asked not sure why he was being ordered around suddenly.

“There are three Kuras on their way here now!” Then suddenly they were surrounded. Ash could see them of course but Grant pulled his gun.

“That won’t do you any good you can’t see them Grant! And you can’t kill a Kura demon with a gun, the bullets just bounce off their scales.” He informed the Detective drawing his katana from its sheath.

“Get everyone out of here! Leave the demons to me!” Asharath said.

“But…” Grant started to say.

“No buts just go! Now!” There wasn’t time to be subtle or nice. People were in danger and Ash couldn’t fight the demons and worry about civilians too.

Grant took off. “Alright people, this area has been quarantined. Clear out now!”

No one moved, Grant raised his gun and shot into the air and the bullet hit a thick tree branch.

Everyone took off in all different directions.

Asharath closed his eyes, his lightning giving him a picture like sonar on a submarine, of the three demons circling him and drawing closer. In his right hand he held his katana in his left he called his lightning, it sang as it ran down his arm and sent a bolt of energy through his entire body charging him for the fight to come. Making the red lightning fork of lightning that spanned the breadth of his chest glow like a beacon in the dark.

He reached over and moved his left hand up the steel blade combining his lightning with it, steel and lightning were the only things that could kill a Kura demon.

They continued to circle him but he was ready.


Chapter 4




The farthest one his left attacked first, its teeth snarling eyes glowing, it lashed out with its tail Asharath leaped up and cut it off sending the creature into agony he jumped up again and landed on top of the Kura demon and brought his katana down into its brain. The creature collapsed and started to disintegrate.


The Demon Hunter bounded off ducking under the next attacking one as he bent backwards sticking his blade up and cutting the demon in twine he rolled and got out of the way of the third one blasting it with his lighting in his left hand. Sending it into a million pieces as it screamed its rage and was no more.

“Come on you asshole just you and me.” Asharath taunted the last one. It attacked, he jumped out of the way and flipped into tree that was right above him the Kura began to slice and claw at the tree but he didn’t stay there for long, Ash twirled his blade switching it to his left hand still gleaming with lightning pointing it straight down, The Demon Hunter jumped out of the tree landing on demon’s back. It kicked like a raging bronco, he crawled his way up to its head and then ran his blade across its throat, it began to choke and gag and then he did a back flip off as it began to turn into shadows.


The Demon Hunter reached for the cloth that he kept in his pocket and wiped his blade of the demon blood and commanded the lightning to dissipate then sheathed it concealing it once more by pressing the button twice and went back to his jeep. “Just another day at the office.” Ash said to himself barely even breaking a sweat.


As he did so his phone rang once more. Ash pushed the talk button as he saw who was calling.

“Hello my husband I just can’t take being separated from you anymore. I have given my position to my most promising student and I will be on the first flight out tomorrow.” Kimiko’s sweet voice said on the other end. Asharath’s heart did back flips he was overjoyed he had missed her so much, she wasn’t able to make her yearly trips the last couple of years while she was training her student to take her place at her father’s Martial Arts Dojo.


“When does your flight land my love?” He asked. Excitement in his voice.

“Tomorrow. 10 AM JFK Airport. Gate 5.” Kimiko said in her cute broken English even though Ash spoke Japanese.

“I’ll be there to pick you up. I can’t wait to see you again my wife.” He said to her his heart full of gladness.

“I cannot wait either my Asharath san.” She said.

Ash laughed even after all these years she still called him her Asharath san which he didn’t mind, he was hers.


Chapter 5


Asharath waited for his wife at JFK airport of course he had to be there at 8 which was insane but security was tight New York being a major city after all. He waited at gate 5 for his beautiful, amazing, wife.


It had been so long since they were together but now that she was coming to New York he’d never let her go again.

Ash was glad he brought his book with him, he hated to be bored waiting around with nothing to do, beside him his travel mug full of hot coffee. The Demon Hunter read slowly on purpose not wanting to finish his book on his tablet too quickly. Before he knew it, someone was tapping his shoulder. He looked up from his book and there was his Kimiko standing in front of him as if she’d always been there.

She stood five foott six, with long black hair, brown eyes, full red lips with a slender yet curvy athletic build from doing Martial Arts for so long. She wore a red and black flannel dress and skirt with black lace sleeves, black nylons and black white striped cowboy boots. Her long hair running down her back and down her arm and curling at the end. She was beautiful and practical.

She bowed low in the traditional Japanese style. “Asharath san it is good to see you again after so long my husband. Like my new boots? I got them just for you.” She reached up and touched his goatee. “You have a goatee my husband I like it.”

“Thanks. I’ve had it for a while now sweetie. I love your new boots baby. It’s good to see you again too my wife, you look incredible sweetheart. I’ve missed you so much but now that you’re here, I’ll never let you go again.” He pulled her close and held her tight and breathed in the gentle spice of her perfume. Ash kissed her long and deep for a long minute, her medium sized breasts pressing into his rock hard abs and cut it off as people began to stare but he didn’t really give a damn.

She reached up and touched his face. “You have a goatee my Asharath san it’s different but I like it.

“Thanks sweetie I’ve had it for a while now.” Ash said to her smiling stroking his goatee glad she liked it.

“You like my new boots my Asharath san? I got them just for you.”

Ash smiled as he looked at her new boots. “I love them baby very sexy and good for fighting demons in.” He said to her.

“Yes I knew they would be. I saw them and had to have them.”

“I’m glad you got them.” Ash said to her.

“How is my brother Asharath san?” Kimiko asked him as they got her luggage from baggage claim and he noticed they allowed her to bring her katana on the plane she must have paid extra or got special permission to be allowed to bring it with her. Her status as a long respected Martial Arts teacher probably helped.

“He’s good, he’ll be happy to see you. I know he’s missed you even if he hasn’t said it out loud.” Asharath helped her with her things and placed them in his jeep.

“You have jeep interesting.” Kimiko said in her broken English.

“Why are you speaking in English my love? Wouldn’t Japanese be easier?” He asked her curious.

“Yes it would but I need to practice my English if I am going to be staying here in New York with you and my brother.” She explained.

“Fair enough and very logical. It’s easier to have a jeep and just jump out when there are Kura attacks.” The Demon Hunter said to her as she buckled up next to him.

“Yes it would be.” She agreed.

It took twenty minutes it was just after eleven in the morning and traffic was pretty light. Soon they were home in Midtown New York.

Asharath got her things from the Jeep, she carried her katana over her left shoulder hanging by its strap. She opened the door but said nothing. “Ryu we’re here.” Ash called out to him. Ryu came down the hall from the office.

Ryu bowed low when he saw his sister and she bowed back and then he pulled her close for a hug. “I have missed you sister.” He said to her.

“I have missed you too brother but I am here now and I am not leaving. Ever.” She said to him.

“Good.” He said simply he reached into his pocket and produced a Circret bracelet. “This is a welcome gift sister, it does a great many things, it will act as your phone, your watch, it plays music, tells time and if you press this button,” Ryu’s hand moved to the second button on the on the left side. “It will conceal your katana when pressed once and reveal it when pressed twice.” He informed her. Her bracelet was pink and pretty.


“Thank you Ryu I’ll never take it off. How did you…” She stopped mid-sentence hugging him tightly. “Never mind I do not want to know how you did it Ryu.” She probably wouldn’t have understood the science behind the how anyway. Ryu had a genius level IQ and was just too smart.

“You’re welcome sister.” He said hugging her in return.

“Kimiko I’ll show you to our room so you can get settled.” Ash said to her.

“Of course husband.” She said and fallowed him upstairs. As they entered their room. “After they can have some lunch and I’ll give you the grand of the house.” Asharath said to his wife.

“That sounds nice is this our room?” She looked around, eyes wide with glee. “This room is so much bigger than the one they had at home in Osaka.” Kimiko said.

“Yeah Americans certainly do love their big rooms but I’ve become accustomed to it. I love having a huge bed to sleep in but it will be even better now that you’ll be sleeping next to me.” Asharath said pulling Kimiko in for a long deep kiss.

“Asharath look forward to it my Asharath san.” She said.

After she was all settled in Ash gave her the ttheir, starting with the master bathroom, it had a large soaker tub with jets and a large shower big enough for three, two porcelain sinks, then they went to the living room, kitchen, his office where Ryu had gone back to monitoring the demon activity.


For once it was quite and they would have some down time which was nice because Kimiko was here and he really didn’t want to go anywhere. They decided to sit and watch a movie on the 50 inch plasma flat screen. He put in Deadpool, she loved comic book movies just as much as he did and it had great action and was really funny in places. Ryan Reynolds is amazing.

After the three of them went out for dinner instead of staying in this time Ryu did join them. They had Italian for supper Kimiko had never tried it before. Ryu liked Italian they got pizza with three toppings sausage, peperoni and tomatoes, and spaghetti and Meatballs. Kimiko tried each but really like the spaghetti and Meatballs more than the pizza but it was good too. After dinner Asharath and Kimiko took a long bath together.


In his New York Penthouse Zachariah went to his lavish library. He loved to read as much as he loved to rip people in half.

It had been one thousand years and the time was right to bring Malicore into the human world. He couldn’t rule it from the Nether Realm.


All of the attacks lately had been designed to keep The Demon Hunter busy and off balance while he prepared the ancient spell to give Malicore corporeal form. It had taken him years of searching and planning but he finally found the spell that would bring Malicore into the human world and give him physical form. He opened the book and began to read the ancient Latin.


Malicore pater Asharathndacii pater tenebris ad te accersire te creavit nos contentionem. hoc tempus est hominibus dominantibus tui in sempiternum? Cum virgo et sanguinem innocentem soulf iterum facimus vobis sanus!


English Translation.


Malicore father of Lies, father of darkness, creator of strife they summon you to give you life. The time has come to rule and make this human world yours forever! With the blood of a virgin and a soul of an innocent they make you whole once more!


Spell must be performed at midnight on the full moon.


Zachariah still needed the blood of a virgin and the soul of an innocent to perform the spell but he wasn’t worried he would have them soon enough.


Chapter 6




Ryu had said there was no demon activity Ash didn’t like it but accepted it. He wanted to take Kimiko to The Statue of Liberty again on Liberty Island she hadn’t seen much of New York yet but she’d only been here for a week. She had seen it before but that was a couple of years ago. They had to go over to Manhattan and then take the ferry to Liberty Island but Ash packed a picnic basket and Kimiko loved the water.

It was a short ride of course they had been here before but it was nice to see it with his wife again. Kimiko had strapped her katana to her back. Asharath’s was strapped to his waist as always concealed by the cloaking function on their Cicret bracelet Ryu had installed.

Before they knew it they were there and Kimiko was pulling his arm. “Come on Asharath san let’s go to the top.” She said excitedly. It was a long way up but going with her would be far better than making the climb alone.

At the top they looked at the plaque with all the names of all the people that had come here and started new families together. They could see the whole island, it was huge and green surrounded by water from all sides.

As they looked out onto the water suddenly the fabric of reality began to ripple as a portal opened up and not only did six Kura demons appear but so did Zachariah, he was in his human form of course but Ash was glad that Kimiko was with him and that they had both brought their swords. “Asharath san who’s that man? He seems to be controlling the Kura demons.” Kimiko whispered.

“Zachariah, Malicore’s second – in command. The Kura demons serve him and Malicore.” The Demon Hunter told her hatred and contempt in his voice.

“Come on we have to get down there.” Asharath said heading for the elevator Kimiko right on his heels as they were in the elevator they both pushed the cloaking button on their Circret bracelets twice revealing their katanas, Kimiko’s on her back and Ash’s at his waist as always.

When Kimiko and Ash finally got down the stairs they stopped were surrounded by six Kura demons and Zachariah. He stood seven feet, had short blonde hair, cold black eyes, you could see the tattoo of his true demon form on his chest. His arms huge, the veins in his biceps bulging, the black aura surrounding him.

The Kura demons didn’t move, didn’t make a sound they simply stood behind him.

Beside him Kimiko drew her katana from her back in her left hand.

Ash didn’t draw his sword yet. Ash and Kimiko stopped in front of them. “Zachariah!” The Demon Hunter bellowed. He turned around and smiled, a cold smile that would send a chill down anyone’s spine even his it had been a thousand years since Ash had kicked his ass last time but he was stronger now. The Demon Hunter could feel it, but it didn’t matter Asharath was still stronger. “Demon Hunter!” Zachariah pointed at him. “Soon Malicore will return and this world will be ours!” He began to laugh.

“I’ll never let that happen Zachariah!” Ash said preparing for the fight, now drawing his katana from its sheath at his waist and summoning his lightning to come forth and envelop the blade with his left hand as he held it in his right.

“You won’t be able to stop his return this time Asharath! Attack my minions!” The Kura demons surrounded Kimiko and then Zachariah threw a huge fist at him. Ash blocked it but damn did it hurt. It felt like getting hit by a huge steel beam they used for buildings.

“You’ve gotten stronger Zachariah.” The Demon Hunter said as he threw his own punch at his face.

“One thousand years of greed and hate can do that to you.” He threw a punch at Ash, it was a wild haymaker he dodged easily twisting and avoiding the devastating blow, his arms were huge, like tree trunks. He threw a right, left, right combo each one trying to take Asharath’s head off but he dodged and spun easily avoiding them. “You obviously haven’t been practising Zachariah while I’ve been fighting for one thousand years. Never stopping, never letting up.” The Demon Hunter threw his own right, left, right combo as Zachariah blocked the right, Ash’s left connected hard knocking Zachariah back and Ash switched it up throwing an uppercut with his right hand instead. This sent Zachariah down but he just spat and got back up.


Kimiko dodged and weaved and sliced through the Kura demons from the corner of her eyes she saw Ash holding his own. The one on her left attacked and she side-stepped and not wanting to delay more than she had to, she flipped as the other one attacked her and she took both of their heads in one swing.


Asharath blocked a huge kick from Zachariah and saw that Kimiko was doing just fine against the Kura demons as bobbed and weaved and spun dodging their deadly attacks easily. He knew she would, she was a skilled swordswoman after all. “Your devotion to the humans will be your undoing Asharath!” Zachariah said and threw a right, left, combo he blocked the right punch and flipped as Zachariah threw the left punch.


“Give your boss a message for me. Tell him I’m ready for his return, ready to destroy him once and for all!” The Demon Hunter said and then did a spinning round house kick infused with his lightning and knocked Zachariah unconscious as his face hit the pavement hard.

Ash turned and looked there were still three Kura demons left.


The Demon hunter took off at a dead run to the farthest Kura demon ducking under it slashing its tail off and then when it screamed at him and turned its ugly head to look at him he waited for it to scream again and then drove his katana into its brain through its chin sending it into nothingness.


As Kimiko and Ash were busy with the Kura demons, Zachariah woke up, he saw that they were both busy with the Kura demons and then smiled and slipped back into the shadows and disappeared.

There were two demons left Kimiko took one and Ash took the other.


While Asharath and his wife were at Liberty Island for the day, Ryu Hamasaki had stayed home to monitor the demon activity. As he was looking at the monitors another blip popped up on the screen there was a Kura demon on the Brooklyn Bridge.

“Damn there’s a demon on the bridge Asharath and Kimiko aren’t here, looks like I’ll have to go myself.” He said he got up grabbed his sword put his coat and shoes on. Locked the house after sending Asharath a text that there was a demon on the Brooklyn Bridge then he got into his jaguar and headed for the bridge.


Chapter 7



At the 12th Precinct Detective Grant Marshall sat at his desk going through the mountain of paperwork and all the open cases he had. The demon attacks were getting more and more frequent and the murders were getting more and more violent and strange, now weird symbols started appearing on the bodies and Grant had no idea what the hell they were. He couldn’t stare at the pictures of the man and woman torn apart anymore. He decided that he needed some help from an occult expert.


As he got up to leave “Marshall, get in here now.” Captain Rebecca Sanchez called to him. She was 5’9, had long black hair, beautiful brown eyes, full pouty lips, an impressive bust, and very long smooth legs.

“Yes Captain?” Marshall asked as he shut the door a frown on his weathered face.

“I want answers, these attacks have to stop, more and more people are being killed and they have no leads.” She said.

“I was just about to go and see if I could get one or find some help when you called me in here Captain.” Grant said.

“Fine get going but I want these murders to stop understand me?” She said looking at him, her eyes hard and cold, but he knew she was kind it was just part of the job she had to be hard to get things done.


With that Grant left her office heading for NYU to talk to his friend Brett Ross a professor in Demonology.


After the fight was over and all the demons had been destroyed Kimiko and Asharath were alone he looked at his Cicret Wristband and saw that he had a text from Ryu it said.

There’s a Kura demon on the Brooklyn Bridge. I’m going to take care of it since you guys are on Liberty Island.


“Damn well it’s a good thing he can take care of himself.” He said to Kimiko as they got on the boat to go home.

“What is it Asharath San?” Kimiko asked him.

“There’s a Kura on the Brooklyn Bridge, Ryu’s going to go kill it because we can’t get there any time soon.” He said pulling her close.

“Ryu has been well trained Asharath san.” Kimiko said smiling at him.

“I know Kimiko.” Asharath knew he was a skilled warrior she Ryu taught him everything he knew about Martial Arts.


As Detective Marshall went to leave the building a patrolman ran by him straight into the Captain’s office. “Captain they just got a report, there’s some kind of monster on the Brooklyn Bridge!” He said.

“I want everyone down there, block it off! No one is to go across it until that thing is gone.” She ordered.

Grant turned around and went back into her office. “Captain Sanchez, that’s a mistake trust me you have no idea what you’re getting into if you send those men to the bridge they will die.” Marshall told her.

“How do you know Marshall?” Captain Sanchez asked.

“I’ve run into these things before. Trust me tell their men to clear the bridge and get the hell out of there. I have a friend that can clean this up knowing him he’s probably there now but they need to stay out of his way.”

“Alright Marshall they’ll do it your way.” She looked to the patrolman. “Tell their officers to clear the bridge and not to let anyone onto it.”

“Yes Ma’am.” The patrolman said.

Grant looked at his phone. He got a text saying that Ryu was on his way to the bridge.

“Patrolman if you see a Japanese guy with a sword he’s the only one allowed onto the bridge are they clear?”

“Yes sir.” He said and then left.


Ryu stopped just before the Brooklyn Bridge and turned off his Jag, got out and locked it. The Brooklyn Bridge was lined with cops but there was also a Kura demon tossing cars on the bridge like rocks sending each one over the edge, people were running and screaming. Ryu drew his katana and went over to one of the officers.

He walked up to one of the officers and was stopped.

“Sorry sir no one is allowed on the bridge right now.” The officer Williams said. His radio then beeped and he answered it pushing the call button to receive. “All units if you see a Japanese man holding a katana, his name is Ryu Hamasaki he’s the only one allowed on the bridge.” The dispatch voice said.

“You Ryu Hamasaki?” Williams asked even though he held his Katana out.

“I am. Now let me pass that demon won’t be here forever.” Ryu said a little shortly.

“I’m sorry sir I didn’t know.” Williams apologised.

“That’s alright. Now get out of here.” Ryu said and then the whole bridge shook and the Kura demon screamed and tossed more cars over the edge of the bridge.


Ryu began to run his feet carrying him faster than Usain Bolt, he was just a blur to the human eye. He wanted it focused on him and not the people still on the bridge. “Hey you ugly son of a bitch over here!” He taunted the creature. It turned its big head at him and opened its mouth and screamed again.

Ryu stood his ground and held his katana tighter.

The Kura demon launched a tail swipe at him, Ryu did a flip off the car he climbed on top of and twisted and sliced its tail clean off. The demon screamed in agony as its tail fell to the ground.

Ryu leaped high into the air as the creature swiped at him. He cleared the creature and landed on the other side of it, his feet making no noise what so ever.

The demon started to scream, its loud voice shattering the windows of every car near it.

Ryu closed his eyes at the sound, it was devastating but he had heard it many times before.

The Kura demon began to toss cars again. Ryu locked eyes with it, its glaring red eyes looking directly into his soul. He took off full speed and twisted his katana in his hand pointing it down he jumped onto the demon’s back and then drove it through the creature’s brain. It screamed once more and then disappeared into nothingness.

Ryu then took out a cloth and wiped the demon slime from his blade and put it back in its sheath, he wasn’t even breathing hard. He walked up to Williams. “I can trust that you’ll tell no one of what happened here?” Ryu asked.

“Who’d believe me?” Williams asked.

“Good I’ll leave the clean up to you then.” With that Ryu got back into his jaguar and headed home. When he got there Asharath and Kimiko had returned from Liberty Island.

“Sorry we couldn’t get here sooner Ryu.” The Demon Hunter said to him.

“It’s alright Ash, I needed to get out of the house. Get away from my project for a while.” Ryu smiled sitting down on the couch.

Kimiko and Asharath sat next to him. “Who’s up for a movie?” Asharath asked.

“Sure but nothing with demons or monsters they have to deal with that enough in real life.” Ryu said.

“How about Hotel Transylvania? That’s funny and cute.” Asharath suggested they all needed something light to take the edge off.

“Sure.” Ryu said.

“I’ve never seen that Asharath san!” Kimiko said.

“You’ll love it baby it’s really funny.” He said to her putting in the DVD and flipping the TV to the right channel then they all sat back to watch the movie on the couch.



Chapter 8



Grant Marshall winded the corridors of NYU in search of his professor friend he’d forgotten what a labyrinth the halls were but he came to the Professor’s office door eventually.


Grant knocked on the door. Brett Ross looked up.

“Grant hey it’s good to see you it’s been a while.” The professor said getting up as they clapped each other on the back in greeting.

“Yes it has, too long my friend.” Grant said sitting down in front of the large oak desk.

“What brings you to my office?” Brett asked.

“These Brett they’ve been getting more and more of them and they get stranger and stranger.” He said taking out some pictures from his jacket pocket.

Brett looked at the pictures each one was a corpse with a symbol on it. The symbols were intricately carved in the chest of each victim and every single one the same. A symbol of a winged demon creature in a pentagram.

“Well I haven’t seen anything like this before but it’s not uncommon to have victims with demons carved into their chests.” He got up and went to one of the many books on demons he had on the shelf Brett ran fingers over the titles and then snatched one up. “Here look at this,” He opened the book to one of the middle pages it had a victim with a winged demon carved into his chest laying on a pentagram. Grant looked at the bottom of the page it was dated 1710.

“This demon’s been around since the seventeen hundreds?” Grant asked.

“No my friend far longer than that seventeen ten is when it first appeared in print. Demons are far older than us humans they go back to before the dawn of time they just didn’t know it.” Brett told him.

“Can I borrow this book? It may prove useful Brett.” Grant asked.

“Sure buddy just bring it back in one piece it’s very rare.” Brett said.

“Thanks Brett this could help a lot.” Grant said getting up to leave.

“Anytime, you should drop by more often.” Brett replied.

“I’d like to but you know how it is.” Grant said.

“Yup so many murders, so little time.” Brett laughed.

“Pretty much anyway I’ll see you around.” Grant said heading for the door and back to his desk.


It was quiet, too quiet there hadn’t been a single demon attack for a week now when things were quiet that’s when something very big or very bad was about to happen but for the time being he just held Kimiko in his arms and kissed her long and deep as they rolled around in bed. She gently moved her hand over his lightning mark she really loved it, the way it sparkled and glowed and almost moved on its own as it wasn’t really like a tattoo but something more.



There was a knock on their room door. “Ash you have to get up there’s a huge amount of demons converging on Central Park.” Came Ryu’s voice pounding on the door.

“How many?” The Demon hunter asked as both he and Kimiko darted out of bed and began to get dressed quickly.

“There’s at least 20 and counting the monitor just started filling u with red dots.” Ryu said.

“Not good. Asharath knew it was too quiet to last long. Why are the attacks mostly in Central Park?”

“I do not know Ash, it’s very strange. Eighty percent of the attacks are located there.”

Ash said throwing on his black tank top.

“Let’s go.” He said grabbing his sword and heading for the door.


When they got to Central Park and the three of them got out of his Jeep, Ash summoned his lightning in his left hand combining it with steel.


The three warriors nodded to each other and all took in different directions. Acknowledging silent orders between the three.

Ash ran full speed at the first demon he saw, ramming the hilt of his katana back into the throat of the demon behind him, Ash thrust forward and stabbed another in the eye, kicking at the head of a third as it tried to bite him then pulling his blade free of the second demon’s skull plunging it down into the head of the one he had stunned. A roar behind him made him spin, blade whirling to slide through the throat of another demon and then as the last threw itself at him, he held out his katana like a spear so it impaled itself on the deadly steel. He flipped and launched a massive lightning blast as 4 more Kura demons came at him and they were sent back into nothingness.


As Ash looked over to see how Ryu and Kimiko were doing there was a hot breath on his neck and suddenly he was swarmed 6 demons pounced on him slobbering and gnashing their teeth at him.


One of the demons tore into his flesh rendering a huge three claw swath across his chest.

“No scratching!” Asharath said to the demon holding it at bay his katana in its mouth.

Kimiko and Ryu heard Ash’s smartass remark.

Ash used his thick leather fighting gloves to keep the demon’s mouth away from his throat.

Ryu and Kimiko ran over to him and began to cut the demons in twain one by one but it wasn’t going fast enough. There seemed to be an endless pile of demons jumping ontop of one another. Ash had lost count and all he could see were demons ontop of him filling his sight and crushing his chest.


Ryu and Kimiko sliced and hacked and chopped the demons two and three and three at a time at this point digging with swords trying to free The Demon Hunter.


Ash tried to remain conscious and tried to help kill the demons but there were so many on top of him he had never fought this many before no matter what he did it seemed like with everyone he killed three took its place. Demons filled his vision and blacked out the sun.


The Demon Hunter closed his eyes and summoned most of his lightning reaching toward the sky. Asharath knew he shouldn’t use it all but there was no other choice. “Father give Asharath strength!” The Demon Hunter closed his fist tight, summoning most of his lightning reaching deep within himself conjuring the lightning making it travel down his arm and into his hand. Asharath screamed as he focussed his lightning and with that a huge burst of lightning shot forth from his body disintegrating every demon in the area leaving all of the warriors singed and shirtless and when everything was said and done there was a huge crater left where Asharath lay, Ryu and Kimiko were both topless now and standing over Ash and then everything went black. Kimiko covered her breasts quickly with her left arm.

Ryu had come prepared he grabbed his bag and quickly tossed Kimiko one of her shirts and put one on himself. They left The Demon Hunter as he was and picked him up and took him to the jeep and then raced home.



Chapter 9


The journey was long, once more darkness clouded his senses and that was all he remembered. When he awoke he found that he was in small room with a sliding door, he had been placed on a bed. Kneeling next to him was a young girl. She had long black hair, black eyes that slanted slightly a beautiful sweet mouth with full pink lips, pale skin as if she didn’t get out in the sun much. She also wore a red kimono with pink flowers on it.

Asharath smiled at her. “Hello” He said his voice cracked, his throat dry.

“You’re awake, good, you’re in Osaka Japan.” She said, her voice sweet and pretty but her English thick and broken. Reaching over she gave him a cup of cool clear water. She helped he drink, the water felt strange but soothed my dry throat.

“Osaka? I’m not sure if I’ve been to that part of Japan before.” He said to her not having a clue where that was.

She laughed “You missed the best part of Japan other than Tokyo of course. Where are you from anyway?”

“It’s kind of a long story actually you, probably wouldn’t believe me if Asharath told you.” He said, then his stomach growled.

“Asharath will bring you some food and some tea.” She said, getting up.

Asharath took her hand. “Thank you, my name is Asharath.”

“Ash…Ash,” she stumbled over his name.

“You can call me just Ash if it’s easier for you.”



“Ash, Kimiko.” She said, simply then left to get the food.

The Demon Hunter found some robes were folded in the corner and decided to put them on he wore a light brown Kimono and decided that he liked the way the cloth felt on his skin.


Chapter 10



After he had eaten some fish, rice and something battered called tempura Ash was full. Asharath got out of bed and on the floor next to my bed were some clothes. He guessed it was what Japanese Men wore. It was a tan robe of some kind he assumed that Kimiko brought it in when he was sleeping. She was a good judge of size they fit perfectly. Asharath stood looking at himself in the mirror. He stretched his large arms flexing his muscles, he ran my fingers over his bald head. He had never seen his eyes before they were cold and black. He wasn’t really sure how tall he was but at least a foot taller than the other Men here. As he stood looking at the mirror Kimiko came back. “Good the clothes fit you, I wasn’t so sure if they would you’re much bigger than most of the other Men that live here.” Kimiko said in her sweet voice.

“They’re very comfortable I would like to know how tall I am.” He said to her trying to make his black eyes look friendly.

“I will return in a moment.” Kimiko said and came back with some kind of long string with numbers on it.

“Please Asharath San stand against the wall.” Kimiko said to him. He did as she instructed and stood against the wall.

She put the long string all the way down next to Asharath. He looked at her. “What is that thing Kimiko?” He asked her.

“This? It’s a measuring to tape this is how they know your height.” She said smiling.

“You’ve never been measured before Asharath San?” She asked.

“No Asharath don’t usually stay in one place long enough for this kind of thing. So how tall am Asharath?” Wondering and wanting to know.

“You are six foot one Asharath San.” Kimiko said.

“And I’m guessing that’s very tall for most Men. I see I’m taller than the other Men here.” Asharath said.

“Yes that is very tall only some Men are as tall as you and I don’t think there are any Japanese Men that are six foot one most of us are shorter Asharath San.”

“I see thank you for measuring me Kimiko.”

She bowed. “You are welcome. Come it is time for class.”

“Class?” He asked her and then fallowed her outside.


Kimiko reached over Asharath’s face, touching him gently. Ash had been out cold for the last twelve hours

“Ryu I don’t know what to do, I’ve only ever seen him like this twice before, when I first found him in Osaka one hundred years ago, and once in when he fought those demons to protect our village. Ever since then he’s been this unstoppable force.” He’s never been hurt like this or used so much lightning.” She turned into Ryu’s shoulder scared not knowing how to help her beloved Asharath.

“I knew Ash was power but I had never seen just how power he was.”

“Well then it’s a good thing I’m here. And you’ve still only seen a fraction of his power. If Ash used all of his lightning he could probably take out the entire East Coast if he wanted to.” A female voice came from the doorway.

Both Ryu and Kimiko turned toward the door where the voice had come from.

“Councillor Rowena, thank the gods you’re here!” Ryu said to her. She stood in the door, her long black hair flowing down her back, her cool crystal blue eyes, shone like lightning bolts, her full red lips held an expression of concern as she looked down at The Demon Hunter. She walked over to him quickly.

“How much lightning did he use?” She asked never taking her eyes from Ash.

“We’re not exactly sure but there were 40 demons maybe more, they killed as many as they could but more just kept coming, They’ve never seen so many at once before.” Ryu informed her.

“How long has he been unconscious?” Anastasia asked placing a hand on his forehead.

“He’s been out for the last twelve hours Councillor.” Kimiko said to her.

“Please you can call me Stacy.” She said.


“Kimiko yes Asharath know who you are my dear. Asharath have seen you many times in my visions.” Stacy said to her.

“Can you help him Stacey? This is just like that time when he used too much lightning to protect their village. He was out for two days straight. They weren’t sure if he wasn’t going to make it.” Kimiko asked Stacey her eyes wet with tears, she couldn’t bear to lose her beloved husband.


“I’m the only one that can my dear.” Stacey chanted words of ancient magic, her hands began to glow the power flowing through and into The Demon Hunter restoring his divine energy, eradicating the demon venom infecting Ash’s body and very soul this process took a long time and took a lot out of her. She held her hand over their champion for at least five minutes and when she was done she fell backwards but Ryu caught her and sat her in a chair next to the bed.

She sat in the chair for several minutes and then whispered “It is done. Now all they can do is wait and see if he wakes up.”


Chapter 11



It had been two days and Asharath was still lying in a coma, Ryu and Kimiko never leaving his side. Stacey couldn’t take it anymore, she needed to have some fun.

“Alright you two we’re going out.” Stacey said to them.

“Out? Out where?” Kimiko asked.

“To have some fun at my bar The Dragon’s Den. I can’t sit here and watch you two mope around anymore. Come on Kimiko let’s get dressed up and go out dancing.” Stacey said looking at her with “I’m not taking no for an answer look on her face.”

“Very well Stacey. I did bring my pink floral summer dress with me.”


“I will stay here…” Ryu began

“Oh no you won’t buddy boy you’re coming too. Now put your good suit on Ryu.” Stacey wasn’t having it.

“But Asharath…”

“Is an Immortal he’ll be fine, you thought he was power before wait till you see him once he wakes up. Besides there won’t be any demon attacks tonight anyway.”

“Are you certain?” Ryu asked.

“Asharath can see the future remember. I’m certain Ryu.” Stacey reassured him.

“As you wish.” Ryu said getting up.


While the others were getting ready Asharath lie in a coma or one would think it was a coma but he was aware of his surroundings, he could hear but not move.


Deep within him there was a power surging it was different from his own and he wasn’t sure where it was coming from but he could feel it.

It was ancient, power, intelligent, strong, fierce, and absolutely devastating yet Asharath wasn’t afraid of it. In fact he was curious and drawn to it. It was almost as if this strange new power or old rather was calling to him. It was a kind of power that Asharath had only felt whenever he was before the Seers Council but yet he still couldn’t put his finger on the exact type of power he was sensing it was similar yet different…stronger.


As he stood in a huge field there was a thunderclap that tore the sky asunder and before him was a black and blue dragon with huge wings and flaming blue scales down its spine and bright blue eyes.


Asharath began to walk closer to the lightning dragon he knew it somehow. Then it spoke him. “Hello Asharath.” The dragon spoke with Councillor Rowena’s voice.

“Anastasia?” He said to the black and blue lightning dragon still drawing closer to her.

“Yes Ash” She said to him her voice was like the one she used in her human form yet here she was a full dragon. Asharath never got used to seeing her as a dragon.

“It’s been a long time since I’ve seen you in your true form.” He said to her.

“Yes it’s not very often you get hurt so badly.” She said to him.

“Right the demons, there was so many I couldn’t…”

“I know you tried and did what you had to do but time is short and you must wake soon Ash this is no time to be unconscious things are becoming very bad in the human world and they will need their champion.”

“Their Champion more like the Council’s champion the humans don’t even know I exist. Well only a few do.”

“Whether they know it or not you’re still their champion your father told you so.”

“Yes but after one thousand years what’s the point? Things are getting worse not better Stacey. I can’t fight an army by myself, I can’t be everywhere at once.”

“Yes but that’s why you must keep fighting and prevent Malicore’s return for he will rule this world in eternal darkness if you don’t stop him. Which I’m sorry to say is close at hand I’ve seen it in a vision Malicore will return on Halloween you must stop him. That is your purpose.”

“I know but.”

“No buts. Only you can stop him Ash you must never waiver in your resolve.”

“I won’t allow him to rule the world in darkness. Ever!”

“Good Asharath.” Stacey said nodding her large head looking at him with her crystal blue eyes.


In her human form Stacey took Ryu and Kimiko to her bar The Dragon’s Den.

It was large there was loud music playing people laughing, drinking and dancing. It had brown leather booths with tables and the walls were painted emerald green and gold.


In his penthouse, Zachariah gathered his things, he had every ingredient he needed to cast the summoning spell, the blood of a virgin, the soul an innocent, Zachariah had no trouble getting those things, he expected some interference from Asharath but with the demons keeping him distracted Zachariah was easily able to acquire the two things he needed the last thing he needed was the full moon and that he would have to wait for just three days. Zachariah knew exactly where he would cast the spell to bring back Malicore. It would be on top of Madison Square Garden. It was a grand enough building and would serve his purposes well.

To keep The Demon Hunter and his friends busy Zachariah would summon all of the remaining Kura demons that were left, there were far less than Zachariah would have liked but five thousand would have to do.

They would at least slow Asharath down enough for him to bring Malicore back. At least he hoped the Kura demons were big and scary but not very bright and always attacked the same way, It was a shame really, adaptation is key to survival but when Malicore returns he could create more and perhaps maybe make them smarter it wasn’t something Zachariah could do, only Malicore had that power since he was their creator. Once again Zachariah opened the book with the ancient spell in it. By now he had it Memorised but he found looking at the ancient words brought great joy to his demon heart.

That was the other thing in order to summon Malicore he would transform into his demon form his true self while his human guise was huge and strong it had failed him against Asharath but it served him well in his killings of the other humans. They all froze in terror the moment they saw him The Demon Hunter was the only one that wasn’t afraid of him and the only one that would dare fight him and win as it turned out. It also turned out that The Demon Hunter’s woman wasn’t afraid of him or the Kura demons either. That was a surprise. She was different from the other humans Zachariah had encountered in the past. Soon he would bring Malicore back and the entire world would change and the humans would tremble in fear at his feet and Malicore would bring this pathetic human world to its knees in death, destruction and fire.


Chapter 13


Stacey was behind the bar serving drinks, Ryu and Kimiko danced the night away as she had predicted there were no demon attacks that night. It was very late when they got home Kimiko went straight up stairs and checked on Asharath he was still out but his eyes were fluttering almost as if he was dreaming. Yet his eyes were still closed but as he lie there his hands gripped the sheets balling them into fists. Something was going on within her husband Kimiko wasn’t sure what.


As she sat at his bedside the alarms went off all over the house. “Warning Demon Alert! Demon Alert.”

“Damn it not now.” Kimiko said to herself she was exhausted from the night of dancing yet got up from their bed and grabbed her sword and headed down the stairs. There was no one else to fight the demons with Asharah out no one except her and Ryu, something had to be done about that. There were just too many of them to fight on their own.


Kimiko went downstairs as Ryu was putting on his Jacket.

“Where are the demons?” She asked her brother.

“Outside the Chrysler Building” Ryu informed her.

“That’s not good.” Kimiko said.

“No it’s not that’s where the Seers Council is.” Ryu informed her.

“They must go brother.” Kimiko

The Hamasaki siblings jumped in Ryu’s Jag heading for The Chrysler Building.


Ryu and Kimiko got out of Ryu’s Jag both taking swords in hand Ryu in his right and Kimiko in her left.


The demons were everywhere they surrounded the entire building. Ryu and Kimiko’s vision was surrounded by demons there must have been one thousand of them or more.

“There’s so many my brother.” Kimiko said to Ryu at her side.

“Yes but they must fight them they have no choice sister.” Ryu replied.


As he finished speaking a demon appeared in front of them and roared ending the debate on where to start.


“Looks like you are up first ugly.” Ryu said as more began to encircle them.

More demons descended upon them their ugly green skin and nasty claws with poison and their tails they liked to lunge with.

Kimiko gripped her sword in her left hand tight. The Kura demon roared and lashed out with its tail she spun and dodged and swung her katana in an blazing arc taking the threatening appendage off she rolled and twisted her sword into the creatures brain from underneath it sending it back to Hell as it screamed once more.


The Hamasaki Siblings destroyed every demon they could see, every demon in their path they seemed endless.


Ryu dodged the incoming tail as it came at him and turned sideways and with a downward arc with his sword in his right hand he took the demon’s tail off sending it to the ground and making the monster scream in agony. He flipped onto the demon and drove his sword into the creature’s brain sending into nothingness with one final scream.

“Who’s next?” Ryu asked rhetorically locking his eyes onto another demon.


As his friends fought the demons Asharath was still in bed.

Stacey looked at Ash her crystal blue eyes had fear in them. Ash had never seen fear in her yes before. “Asharath you must wake up now! Your friends are in danger they need you now!”

“Asharath don’t know.” Ash didn’t know how to wake up.

“You are healed Demon Hunter you must wake! Now! The Chrysler Building is under attack. Your friends are there.” Stacey screamed at him and then lashed out at him with a claw and Ash closed his

“It would be nice if the council would get off their asses and lend a hand you are dragons after all.” Asharath said to them.

“You know they can’t risk it Asharath.” Stacey admonished him.

“Yeah well three against thousands isn’t very good odds.”

“You have my power flowing through you now you can fight them. Now you must…GO!” She screamed at him and he shut his eyes tightly and he was gone.


“There’s so many demons!” Kimiko said standing back to back with her brother sword in hand. Both out of breath.

“They have to keep going sister.” Ryu said.

“Asharath wish my Asharath san was here.” She said too out of breath and both working up a sweat the demon horde was endless.

He wasn’t sure how he got there but The Demon Hunter Asharath was suddenly standing on the Eagle Gargoyle of the Chrysler Building. He didn’t even have a shirt on but he wasn’t cold at his side as always his sword began to sing. He drew his katana and crouched and looked down at the horde of demons below him and then he saw his beloved Kimiko and her brother Ryu and they looked like they had been fighting for a while.

He saw a demon attack his beloved and he gripped his sword tightly. “Enough!” His voice echoed throughout the entire building the whole block probably heard him.

“Did you hear that sister?”

“It sounded like my Asharath san!”

Ash heard the song his katana was singing it wanted demon blood. Ash switched it to his left hand and then jumped off the Eagle Gargoyle summoning his lightning on the way down.

“FOUL DEMONS BE GONE!!!!!!!!!” Asharath screamed on his way down and hit the ground with the force of a twenty megaton bomb sending a huge wave of lighting as far as the eye could see disintegrating every demon within a ten block radius. His eyes full of anger and hate and vengeance, his pupils looked as if they had lightning in them.

As he stood beside his beloved and his brother Asharath wasn’t even out of breath there was a huge crater beneath where he landed.


“Asharath you’re alright.” Ryu said to him taking his arm in the warrior way.

“I’m fine brother.” Asharath said clasping his arm in return.

“My Asharath san I’m so happy to see you Asharath was so worried.” Kimiko said throwing herself into his arms. The lightning mark on his chest still glowing red.

“I’m fine my love in fact I’m stronger than ever before. Asharath feel like Asharath could take out the entire army by myself.” Asharath said holding her tight.

“Let’s go home.” Ash said to them.

“No after the day I’ve had Asharath could use a drink.” Kimiko said. “Let’s go to Stacey’s bar.”

“Stacey has a bar?” Asharath asked.

“Yes The Dragon’s Den my love.” Kimiko said.

“The Dragon’s Den that’s funny.” Asharath laughed.

Kimiko looked at him with a questioning look in her eyes.

“I’ll tell you later.” Ash replied.

The three warriors went back to the bar and took seats at one of the leather booths.

“What will you have?” The waitress asked.

“I’ll have um…” she wasn’t really sure what she wanted.

“Three bottles of Captain Morgan’s please.” Ash ordered for all of them.


They sat and drank even though Ash wasn’t really thirsty.

“Come on grumpy pants let’s dance.” Kimiko said dragging him to the dance floor.



Chapter 14



It had been quiet for two weeks now, not one single demon attack or murder and Asharath didn’t like it one damn bit. He hated it when things were quiet, that usually Meant when something big happened it would be of epic proportions. Malicore returning would fall under that category. Councillor Rowena said that he would return on the next full moon that was in three days on Halloween. A lot can happen in seventy two hours.


They couldn’t let Malicore return but the problem was if there were no demon attacks and nothing on the monitors there wasn’t really much they could do.

They fought the demons when and where they show up but if they don’t there’s no point searching New York for them the city is just too big.


Zachariah gathered his things, he had every ingredient he needed to cast the summoning spell, the blood of a virgin male, the soul an innocent girl, Zachariah had no trouble getting those things, he expected some interference from Asharath but with the demons keeping him distracted Zachariah was easily able to acquire the two things he needed the last thing he needed was the full moon and that he would have to wait for just three days. Zachariah knew exactly where he would cast the spell to bring back Malicore. It would be on top of Madison Square Garden. It was a grand enough building and would serve his purposes well.

To keep The Demon Hunter and his friends busy Zachariah would summon all of the remaining Kura demons that were left, there were far less than Zachariah would have liked but five thousand would have to do.

They would at least slow Asharath down enough for him to bring Malicore back. At least he hoped The Kura demons were big and scary but not very bright and always attacked the same way, It was a shame really, adaptation is key to survival but when Malicore returns he could create more and perhaps maybe make them smarter it wasn’t something Zachariah could do, only Malicore had that power since he was their creator. Once again Zachariah opened the book with the ancient spell in it. By now he had it Memorised but he found looking at the ancient words brought great joy to his demon heart.

That was the other thing in order to summon Malicore he would transform into his demon form his true self while his human self was huge and strong it had failed him against Asharath but it served him well in his killings of the other humans. They all froze in terror the moment they saw him The Demon Hunter was the only one that wasn’t afraid of him and the only one that would dare fight him and win as it turned out. It also turned out that The Demon Hunter’s woman wasn’t afraid of him of the Kura demons either. That was a surprise. She was different from the other humans Zachariah had encountered in the past. Soon he would bring Malicore back and the entire world would change and the humans would tremble in fear at his feet and Malicore would bring this pathetic human world to its knees in death, destruction and fire.


It was Halloween, the night of the full moon, this was the night Asharath had been dreading for two weeks now, the council didn’t say it but he knew Zachariah would cast at midnight for that was the witching hour and the best time to bring Malicore back when the magic would be at its peak. Midnight on a full moon on All Hollow’s Eve…the perfect time to bring Malicore back The Demon Hunter wouldn’t allow it. Asharath gripped his sword as they all prepared for the fight that was to come.


However Asharath was comforted knowing that this time he wouldn’t be alone, Ryu and Kimiko would be at his side as always and he was grateful, the truth was even though Asharath had been hunting and fighting the demons for one thousand years he wasn’t really sure if he could stop Malicore if he did return. His return would change everything and he would reveal the world of demons to humans and then he would unleash his army burning everything and everyone to the ground and then when the smoke cleared and the dust settled he would proclaim himself king of whoever and whatever was left and rule with an iron fist. Leaving only Ryu, Kimiko and myself to fight him.

As they were preparing their weapons and gathering their things, “Warning Demon alert! Demon alert!” The alarms blared across the house. Ryu popped his out of the office doorway. “Asharath demons on the scanner!” He said.

“Where?” The Demon Hunter asked.

“Well there’s one on the roof of Madison Square garden…and.” He trailed off looking white as a ghost.

“And where are the rest Ryu?” Asharath asked almost ready to go.

“And then there are five thousand Kura demons inside Asharath.” He said looking scared and worried.

“Five thousand? They don’t have time to fight them all. Even if Asharath blasted them ten at a time and you two only have your swords.” Ash said as they practically ran for Ryu’s Jag it was faster than his jeep and there wasn’t much traffic at this time of night.

The warriors were driving straight into Hell…literally or at least what Asharath always pictured hell to look like, the entire world in flames, ash, and blood and guts everywhere and Kura demons roaming the streets of New York. Bad! Very bad!

Right now they were only inside Madison Square Garden and New York was still in one piece but it wouldn’t stay that way not if Malicore has his way.

The Demon Hunter was grateful that there weren’t any games tonight, the demons were bad enough but having to fight them and keep humans from getting hurt and getting in the way that would be too much even for the three of us.


Since there were no games tonight the Garden was locked with a chain on the door. Ash blasted the lock with a lightning bolt and then they went inside.


As they entered the Garden they only got in a little bit and there was a Kura demon right in front of them, the protectors so didn’t have time for this. While Kimiko and Ryu took off slashing and keeping it distracted Ash focused and summoned his lightning blasting it back to Hell. They went in a bit more of the way and again a demon barred their path but they made short work of it with their katanas. Asharath didn’t want to use all of his lightning he had a feeling he would need it later.

This was going to take a while they had seven floors to go through before they could get to the roof.

They ran for a while on their way to the roof but there was yet another demon in their way.


It locked its glowing red eyes on us and then screamed. They circled it, Asharath in front Kimiko on the left and Ryu on the left. They had all fought together for so long they moved as one. It roared again the sound reverberating off the walls, its tail lashed out at Asharath and he side stepped and sliced clean through it with his katana. Again it bellowed at Asharath in pain. Kimiko did a flip and jumped on its back Ryu stabbed the creature with his katana as Kimiko thrusted hers into its back and Asharath thrust my sword beneath its chin sending into nothingness as one disappeared three more took its place.

The demons all roared at once pushing the protectors back.

“Damn we don’t have time for this.” Asharath said once more blasting them with his lighting. This pattern continued for a long time they would run and then fight then run some more then stop in order to fight. They cut or blasted every demon in their path.

As they headed to the fourth floor this time there were six demons that meant two each. At this point he was so sick of the creatures Asharath just blasted them all back to oblivion. “Damn it we have to get to the roof we don’t have time to be searching and fighting every demon in their way!” The Demon Hunter said as he cut down yet another demon as did both Kimiko and Ryu he could see they were getting tired. They had to rest but they couldn’t stop they had to prevent Malicore from returning.


On the roof Zachariah had drawn the ancient symbol for Malicore’s summoning. Soon it would be time to bring him back.

Zachariah took out the book of ancient spells, the jar of virgin blood and the jar that held the soul of an innocent. He poured the male virgin blood on the hexagram the ancient bindings keeping the blood within the circle.

He set the jar with the soul aside for the time being and placed the book on a pedestal just outside the circle he had the spell memorised but it was more powerful when read aloud then simply spoken.


Zachariah then transformed into his true demon self. He was far more powerful in his true body than his human one. In the sky above the moon was almost full and soon it would be time to begin casting.


The warriors were now on the sixth floor and every demon they saw or saw them they cut through in short order they just didn’t have time to fight them all. But Madison Square Garden was huge and they had to cut through all the demons to get to the other exit that would allow them to get to the next level.

As they ran through the seventh floor there were ten Kura demons in front of them, Asharath blasted them Kimiko took three and Ryu took three as well.

The demons all moved at once Kimiko flipped backwards and slashed up with her sword cutting off all of their tails at once. They screamed in agony then Kimiko slashed with her razor sharp katana taking their heads off, one after the other and in only a few minutes they had fallen back into the nothingness. Ryu was doing well of course they slashed at him, he cut off their legs and then took their heads leaving only two for Asharath.


They roared at Asharath and lashed out at him he was done fucking around with the creatures they sliced at The Demon Hunter just threw his sword at one and then rolled as the other one slashed at him as he retrieved his sword was right under and he thrust his katana deep into its underbelly. It screamed in agony and then was sent back into the black abyss from whence it came.

“We are never going to make it my Asharath san!” Kimiko said as she breathed in lungful’s of air they were all tired but they had to keep going.


Chapter 14



Zachariah knew Asharath was coming, and he could feel it when the Kura demons were killed, it mattered not, they’re only job was to keep The Demon Hunter busy while he cast the spell to bring Malicore back. The time had come it was finally midnight, the moon was full and the magic was its peak. Zachariah looked down at the page and began to read aloud in ancient Latin.  “Malicore pater Asharathndacii pater tenebris ad te accersire te creavit nos contentionem. hoc tempus est hominibus dominantibus tui in sempiternum? Cum virgo et sanguinem innocentem soulf iterum facimus vobis sanus!


They hit the seventh floor it was already past midnight. Like all the floors this too was covered with Kura demons but they had to get to the top.

“Ryu, Kimiko keep the demons at bay we have to get to the roof now!” Asharath said as he hit the stairs knowing that Ryu and Kimiko can handle themselves against the demons.


“Go Asharath! We got this! Ryu said as he flipped and twisted taking a Kura demon’s head off. Kimiko did back hand-springs as a demon swiped at her on her left she flipped around bringing her katana up under the demon she was fighting, it screamed and then she withdrew her sword, spun and took its head sending it back to the black void.

Asharath never tired of watching Kimiko and Ryu fight they worked together perfectly it was like watching a ballet as they fought as one with perfect fluid movements never speaking simply cutting through the demon horde. The Demon Hunter didn’t have time he had to get to the roof. He opened the door that said roof and began to run but came to a complete stop as he saw Zachariah in his true hideous demon form.

He was huge at least twelve feet tall, black against the night, two horns on his head, bright red eyes, two spikes on the back of each shoulder one bigger than the other, his arms huge ending in massive claws, a giant red gaping hole in his chest and he just blended into the shadows. He didn’t even have legs or anything and just floated when he moved.

“ZACHARIAH!” Asharath screamed as he spoke the final word in Latin and then the roof was surrounded by black fog.

His huge head turned and looked at Asharath. “You’re too late Demon Hunter! Malicore returns and this world will burn!” His voice ripping into my very soul the definition of purest agony. He uncorked the jar a white light came out and it mixed with the dense fog and then the two blended together creating Malicore in his human form.

Asharath fell to his knees. “No I’m too late!” He couldn’t believe it, Malicore was back The Demon Hunter stared up at him. He stood six foot four, had short slicked back black hair, his skin like cream, he eyes were cold and dead that looked into your very soul, had a trimmed goatee and was handed a white dress shirt, a black coat, and tie and pants, and black shoes. He had broad shoulders, he looked like an actor you would hire to play Batman if he was evil.

The tattoo of his true form tattooed on his back. A black faceless demon with huge wings, his arms down at his sides and like Zachariah he didn’t have legs in his true form. The sixth thing was a katana Malicore took it and drew it with his left hand. Asharath rose drawing his katana as well. “MALICORE!” Asharath bellowed his grip tightening on his katana.

“Asharath you’re here, good now I won’t have to search the globe to find you before I can destroy you.” Malicore said to Asharath his voice deep with hate and bile. His evil black aura surrounding him.

“We shall see who is destroyed this night Malicore! I defeated you once! I will defeat you again!” Asharath said.

“A lot can change in a thousand years Demon Hunter.” Malicore raised his blade, Asharath raised his blade readying himself.


This would be a fight like no other.


The adventure continues in Asharath Demon Hunter Trilogy Book 2: Malicore Unleashed.


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